Dress for your Body Type

What’s your biggest fashion secret weapon? You might be surprised. Knowing how to choose the right outifts for your figure can be your key to unleashing your most flattering, confident look. Go beyond “black is slimming” – your choice of fabrics, patterns, & garment cuts brings balance to your shape and accentuates your best features.

Body types generally fall into one of four groups:
Body Types

  1. “Banana” or rectangular figures have the least size difference between the hips, waist & bust. You have a leaner physique with curves that tend to be distributed along your core.
  2. “Apple” shapes have wider shoulders & bust, with the figure tapering towards the waist & legs. They tend to have a full, chesty build.
  3. “Pear” or A-shaped bodies have well-rounded hips, thighs & booties that are larger in proportion to the upper body.
  4. Hourglass shapes – often considered the ideal figure – have hips & bust of relatively the same size, with a narrow waist that accentuates the curves.
  5. What Works?

    • Banana – Ladies with this body type can have a lot of fun with fabric prints, textures & shapes. Your figure will benefit from ruffles, large bold prints, horizontal stripes, cargo-style pants, bootcut jeans, and flared or asymmetrical knee-length skirts. Avoid pinstripes, pencil skirts, straight-leg pants, and all-in-one looks.
      Key: Add visual interest with layers, shortened cuts, and fun prints that tend to break up the linear appearance of your shape & emphasize your natural curves.
    • Apple – Your best look will add a “vertical” element to your well-endowed figure. When shopping for tops & dresses, look for fabrics that drape easily to complement your upper body curves. Turtlenecks & layered v-necks are great for colorblocking, and thin-strap tops are great for summertime. You can take excellent advantage of a comfortably fitted empire waistline. Steer clear of very busy or built-up tops and tight pants; they’ll throw your shape out of proportion. You want to extend your look downwards – so don’t be afraid to make your shoes the spotlight!
      Key: Balance your curvy top by keeping blouses streamlined and adding more curves around your waist & legs.
    • Pear – Plain, solid skirts & pants are a good bet for your curvy hips & thighs, while lots of texture will help play up your chest & neckline. Channel your inner “bohemian chick” with flowing tunic tops that bring your look into harmony. Have fun with big prints & don’t sweat the waistline! Use close-fitting tops sparingly and avoid bulky pant styles. Accessorize with a great scarves or even hats!
      Key: Slim your look & take advantage of those curves by giving more attention to your tops.
    • Hourglass – The symmetry of this shape speaks for itself. Look for comfortable fabrics and cuts that don’t stray to either extreme. A little width or frill at the shoulders will help highlight your slim waist ans sweeten those curves. Flared pants will pick up on the rhythm of your figure, as will wrap-style or scoop-neck tops. Add a thin belt or even a little sparkle at the waistline.
      Key: The hourglass shape works best when you focus on minimizing the waist. Mimic your curves throughout your wardrobe.