Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

Before storing your sweaters, coats and scarves this Spring, a few tips on keeping your winter wardrobe in good shape for seasons to come.

    First and Foremost:

  • Always clean your garments before storing away!
  • Sweat, oil, dirt and make-up is what attracts moths to clothing, not the fabric itself!
  • So clean first, then store in breathable fabric containers. You can use clean cotton pillow cases for covering jackets and coats. I like using cedar scented wooden balls, bars and spray for scarf and sweater drawers.
  • Washing tips for sweaters, scarves and delicate fabrics:

  • Cashmere and Wool : Pieces labeled “Dry Clean Only” should not be hand washed but dry cleaned instead.
  • Those labeled simply “Dry Clean” you can carefully clean yourself. Use fine-washable detergents and cool water.
  • Avoid rubbing cashmere when washing, since it pills easily. Never use chlorine bleach, it can damage your fabric.
  • To dry, lay item flat on clean towel and roll up towel to absorb excess water. This replaces trying to wring the water out and keeps the fabric from stretching. Lay garments flat on a mesh rack to dry.