Deb’s Fashions is Temporally Closed

Due to the news that Van Buren Co. has a case of the coronavirus, I will be temporarily closing Deb’s Fashions for the safety of myself, my family and my community.
I want to say Thank You to all my friends, customers and my town for supporting me, as well as each other over the years.
My family and I moved to Clinton 32 years ago and found that small town Arkansas takes care of their people…especially in a time of crisis. I am proud to be a part of this community.
Each of us can do our part either by staying home, checking on elderly, and lending a hand to others now or when life tries to get back to normal. ❀️

Important Updates for Deb’s Fashions

As of now Deb’s Fashions will remain open. I am taking extra care to disinfect door handles, counters, dressing rooms. I just ordered a load of dresses. At some point, a sense of normalcy will return and people will have weddings, Church and Social gatherings again. I have loved serving all my customers for nearly 17 years now, and value your friendship, but also your health and safety. If it becomes necessary in the near future to reduce hours or temporarily close for the sake of public safety, I will do so and post updates.